The Coastal Futures Project

The CoastalFutures project develops models, assessment methods, future scenarios and action knowledge to ensure the achievement of societal goals and the sustainable use of marine resources. The project addresses in particular the implementation of political-societal targets formulated via directives such as the German Adaptation Strategy to Climate Change (DAS), the EU Marine Strategy Framework Directive (MSFD) or nature conservation directives such as the Flora-FaunaHabitat (FFH) Directive and creates action knowledge for implementation.

CoastalFutures creates a virtual test lab for integrated review and development of sustainable management strategies and evaluation of future use and management options under changing climate conditions. The project thus contributes to the overall objectives of DAM's MISSION and promotes the sustainable development of marine and coastal areas by a) developing methods to enable sustainable management of natural resources, b) providing scenarios for resource-efficient use of the North and Baltic Seas, and c) assisting policy-makers and administrators at national and transnational levels in developing sustainable conservation approaches by providing effectively usable scientific and socio-economic information.

CoastalFutures follows a transdisciplinary approach. The involvement of the various stakeholders is supported by a dialogue-oriented structure over the entire duration of the mission, in which system knowledge and target knowledge are initially generated together with stakeholders via common scenarios. The long-term goal of the project is to establish a "co-design" structure and long-term research policy collaboration among DAM partners and associated members (universities, non-university research institutes, departmental research, and government agencies). Together with partners from administrative authorities, relevant stakeholders and systemic actors, a long-term transfer structure will be established. In addition, an extensive target group-specific knowledge transfer will make a substantial contribution to the strategic concept of the DAM (as of 08.12.2020). CoastalFutures thus directly contributes to the impact development of research according to the principles of DAM in its administrative agreement.

Project in Numbers

• Ten partners and five associated partners
• Over 70 participating scientists
• Over 5 million euros funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research
• Duration 01.12.2021 - 30.11.2024 (Phase 1)