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Experts from CoastalFutures talk to a broad public

As part of the research mission sustainMARE of the German Alliance for Marine Research, experts from CoastalFutures will participate in public lecture series at the University of Hamburg. Starting on 29 March and every Wednesday evening of the summer semester, they will join other experts from the research mission to address various topics related to "Protection and sustainable use of our seas and coastal regions". The lectures are aimed at the general public and cover a broad spectrum from the energy transition in the North Sea and Baltic Sea to climate change on the coast and the protection of biodiversity to dangers from munitions waste in the sea. Please note that the lectures are in German: Link Uni Hamburg

News & Events in 2023


SustainMare Mid Term Meeting & Conference


The sustainMare Mid Term Meeting & Conference took place 30.08. - 01.09.2023 in Kiel. It was a
huge success with 190 participants from research, economy and administration. Important impulses were gained for the continuation of the mission.

Prof. Schrum gave an invited lecture at the 12th Future Conference Wind & Maritime

On June 29, Prof. Dr. Corinna Schrum, Director at the Institute for Coastal Systems at Helmholtz Zentrum Hereon and Professor at the University of Hamburg, gave an invited lecture at the 12th Future Conference Wind & Maritime 2023 in Rostock. In her talk, she addressed the environmental impact of green hydrogen production at sea and presented the goals and initial results of the BMBF-funded CoastalFutures project. The conference brought together leading renewable energy experts to discuss the future of the wind and maritime industries. 12. Zukunftskonferenz Wind & Maritim 2023

2nd BfG-BAW Colloquium on "Estuaries - Current Topics in Aquatic Ecology and Hydraulic Engineering"

The 2nd BfG-BAW Colloquium on "Estuaries - Current Topics in Aquatic Ecology and Hydraulic Engineering" took place on May 24, 2023, in Hamburg. Prof. Schrum represented CoastalFutures and participated in the entire event series, which served as a platform for professional exchange. The event was aimed at all interested colleagues from federal and state authorities, experts from associations and planning offices, as well as other professionals with a specific interest in the coastal region.

CoastalFutures was represented by Prof. Schrum at an information event for EU parliamentarians

"OFFSHORE WIND POWER TOWARDS A NEW ENVIRONMENTAL COLLAPSE?" "Fishing, Biodiversity, Energy: A symposium to measure the consequences"

On April 26, 2023, Prof. C. Schrum participated as an expert in the scientific panel on "What is known, what is not known and what should be known?" chaired by François-Xavier BELLAMY, MEP.

Contact: corinna.schrum[@] hereon.de

Presentation of CoastalFutures at the event of the EU mission "Restore our Ocean and Waters by 2030"

Prof. C. Schrum (Hereon) represented the CoastalFutures project at the EU mission event "Restore our Ocean and Waters by 2030" entitled "The Baltic and North Sea lighthouse in action". It took place in Hamburg on 25 and 26 April 2023. The event was organised by the European Commission in close cooperation with the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research and with the support of the "Blue Mission BANOS - Co-ordination and Support Action for the Baltic & North Sea". Prof. C. Schrum (Hereon) presented the sustainMARE project of the DAM mission, where CoastalFutures is one of the main projects. mehr

Nils Christiansen invited to NABU Expert Discussion: How can offshore wind development be compatible with nature?


Nils Christiansen presented research results at the NABU expert discussion

Nils Christiansen, staff member of the Material Transport and Ecosystem Dynamics Department at Hereon, presented research results on the currency effects of offshore wind farms at the NABU expert discussion. The event, titled "How does offshore wind development succeed in a nature-compatible way?", aimed to initiate a panel discussion on nature-compatible offshore wind development. The discussion took place in Berlin at the headquarters of NABU on the 28. March 2023.

A study, which was commissioned by NABU, formed the basis for the panel discussion. Representatives of NABU, the German Federal Maritime and Hydrographic Agency (BSH), the German Federal Agency for Nature Conservation (BfN) and the German Offshore Wind Farm Operators Association (BWO) participated in the discussion. Nils Christiansen, presented results on hydrodynamics, atmosphere and ecosystem dynamics in relation to offshore wind farms. These results were generated as part of the CoastalFuture project.

The discussion emphasized the importance of nature-friendly energy production and the protection of the natural environment. Panelists agreed that it is necessary to proceed with offshore wind development with caution and care to minimize negative impacts on the environment.

The presentation of the CoastalFutures results was an important contribution to the discussion and highlighted the importance of considering all aspects of offshore wind development in order to achieve environmentally sound power generation.

Contact: nils.christiansen [@] hereon.de

CoastalFutures and DAM research mission results presented at a parliamentary evening


Foto: Sinje Hasheider

The Parliamentary Evening of the German Marine Research Alliance for Ocean Research took place on 23.03.2023 in Hannover, Germany. Prof. Corinna Schrum, CoastalFutures coordinator and mission spokesperson of sustainMare and Prof. Helmuth Hildebrand, member of CoastalFutures consortium participated to this event, as well as Prof. Torsten Schlurmann and Prof. Ursula Siebert. Knowledge of the ocean is a key element in achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Using the example of a DAM research mission, the practical knowledge for biodiversity change was presented. Moreover, conflicts between protection and use in the North Sea were debated in the panel discussion with a focus on energy supply, coasts and nature conservation. The objectives and results of the CoastalFutures project are addressing all three foci.

Contact: Corinna.schrum [@] hereon.de

CoastalFutures results in the knowledge transfer event of the Offshore Wind Energy Foundation


Prof. Corinna Schrum participated in the knowledge transfer event "The marine environment in focus: influence of offshore wind energy and green hydrogen" to present her expertise and CoastalFutures' research results on the topic.

The event "The marine environment in focus: influence of offshore wind energy and green hydrogen" was organized by the Offshore Wind Energy Foundation and held online on March 17, 2023. It focuses on the impact of offshore wind energy and green technology on the marine environment. Experts and scientists came together to share insights and discuss solutions for a more sustainable future.

As a renowned expert in the field of ocean modeling, Prof. Schrum brought valuable insights into the impact of offshore wind energy on marine ecology and marine life habitat.

Contact: Corinna.schrum [@] hereon.de

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Offshore wind farms are projected to impact primary production and bottom water deoxygenation in the North Sea

A group of scientists from several European organizations meet regularly to discuss environmental assessment and implementations related to descriptor 7 (hydrographical conditions) of the European marine strategy framework directives (MFSD). Dr. Ute Daewel was invited to this meeting to present her work on the impact of Offshore windfarms on marine hydrography and ecosystems, results of the CoastalFutures project. The work is especially relevant in this context as large scale implementations of offshore wind farms are projected to impact hydrographical conditions such as currents, temperature and stratification on large spatial scales.

Contact: ute.daewel [@] hereon . de

CoastalFutures annual meeting is focusing on addressing coastal challenges

The first annual meeting of the CoastalFutures project was held at IWO in January 2023 and provided an opportunity for project participants to present their work and discuss their findings.

The focus was on the impacts of climate change on coastal areas and the development of strategies to adapt and protect them, as well as the influences of energy production from renewable sources on coastal ecosystems.

Strengthening collaboration between science, policy, and industry to find solutions to coastal challenges was underscored by CoastalFutures scientists.

The CoastalFutures project relies on interdisciplinary collaboration among experts from different disciplines to ensure a holistic view of the issues and develop sustainable solutions.

Contact: Corinna.schrum [ @ ] hereon. de

Environmental Impacts of Green Hydrogen Production on the High Seas


Prof. Dr. C Schrum giving an online presentation at the HY.S. Lunch break. Source: Screenshot of the online YouTube video

As part of the HY.SH (Landeskompetenzzentrum Wasserstoffforschung Schleswig-Holstein) Lunch-Break, Prof. Dr. Corinna Schrum was invited to give an online presentation on the topic "Environmental Impacts of Green Hydrogen Production on the High Seas". The presentation provided insights into research done as part of CoastalFutures of the misson sustainMare and draws also on research done within the H2Mare hydrogen lead project of the German government, in which Hereon is a partner.

Contact: corinna.schrum [@] hereon.de Link to YouTube video

News & Events in 2022


David Drewes “Wo ist der Stint?” - Über Probleme und Auswirkungen des Klimawandels auf lokale Fischbestände


For the first time the DAM (Deutsche Allianz Meeresforschung) was participating in the Berlin Science Week. On Friday the 4th of November scientists from all missions presented their current work under the combined topic of “How the ocean can help the climate system”. From the CoastalFutures project I presented my work on the impact of climate change and the increasing anthropogenic useage of the Elbe estuary on a local key species, the european smelt. Especially the early-life stages of these fishes are heavily impacted by the changes in the spawning grounds, which can lead to a further decrease of the local population. The idea of our project is to determine main reasons for the decline of the population as well as to present potential solutions on how to include the protection of such animals into future debates on how to use the ecosystem in a more sustainable way.

Link to the announcement of the Berlin Science Week

Contact: david.drewes [@] hereon.de

Presentation by Andreas Kannen on offshore wind farms

Andreas Kannen (Head of WP 1 of Coastal Futures) gave a presentation at the Round Table Schleswig-Holsten organized by MELUND (Ministry for Energy Transition, Climate Protection, Environment and Nature) on the topic of offshore wind farms.

CoastalFutures projects presented at ICES


During the ICES WGIPEM -Working Group meeting on Integrative, Physical-biological and Ecosystem Modelling- 2022 that took place in Texel, The Netherlands on the 26.10.2022, Prof. Dr. Corinna Schrum presented the CoastalFutures project to the international group. CoastalFutures modelling approaches and scenarios were shared with the participants which resulted into a fruitful discussion. WGIPEM carries out its modelling work by sharing and discussing simulation results, identifying gaps in knowledge in these modelling activities, and recommending and performing activities to improve model performance to provide a sound base for decision making.

Contact: corinna.schrum [@] hereon.de


CoastalFutures young scientist presents innovative work on an online model library of larval fish presented at ICES WGIPEM


Tahereh Nakisa presented her innovative work

On October 26th, 2022, ICES Working Group on Integrative, Physical-biological and Ecosystem Modelling (WGIPEM) met for a 3 days meeting in Texel, The Netherlands. The main aim of this expert group is to develop and improve mathematical models to support ecosystem-based management in marine realm. Tahereh Nakisa presented her innovative work on an online model library of larval fish as a part of her future PhD Thesis. Larval stage is a critical life stage of marine fishes that is particularly sensitive to anthropogenic pressures and climate variability. The presented online library is a comprehensive resource that consolidates existing larval models and available data on various fish species. It offers researchers a quality assured tool to investigate fish recruitment and reasons behind currently observed recruitment failure of various fish stocks. This team effort of the Thünen-Institut of Sea Fisheries and HEREON aims to facilitate future research on fish early life stages to promote sustainable fisheries management.

Contact: tahereh.nakisa@thuenen.de


Meeting on Species Distribution Models of fishes, seabirds, and marine mammals


A Workpackage 2 meeting of the CoastalFutures project took place in Oktober 2022. The meeting focused on Species Distribution Models of fishes, seabirds, and marine mammals. New members were introduced and discussions were held on topics such as the extent of the North and Baltic Seas, spatial and temporal resolution, seasonal or full model, data origin, species inclusion, and method used (GLMM, GAM). Plans were also discussed for accounting for anthropogenic activities and climate change, and making the model scenario-capable and integrating it with the E2E coastal model in the future. The meeting aimed to coordinate the efforts of different groups working on the project and ensure that the models being developed are compatible and effective in predicting species distribution in the seas.

Contact: anita.gilles [ @ ] tiho-hannover. de

Young Scientist of CoastalFutures at the Baltic TRANSCOAST Seminar

As part of a seminarseries dealing, among other things, with processes in coastal waters, Xaver Lange presented the model work on the Bodden chain that is being developed in the DAM project Coastal Futures. The focus of the seminar was the different propagation of the 2019 storm surge in the Bodden waters. There was a lively discussion about the potential applications of the modeling techniques used for the seminar participants present.

The Baltic TRANSCOAST Seminar took place in Rostock, Germany on the 01.08.2022.

Contact: xaver.lange [@] io-warnemuende.de

Baltic Sea Day Rostock 2022, presentation of regional climate research at IOW

As part of the 2-yearly Baltic Sea Day of the city of Rostock, the current state of knowledge on the subject of climate change in the Baltic Sea region was communicated to a broad public. Dr. Matthias Gröger gave a presentation on regional climate research. Results from the DAM Project Coastal Futures were incorporated.

Contact: matthias.groeger [@] io-warnemuende.de

“Kajütenschnack' on the topic of climate change in of the Baltic Sea Region


Ostseezeitung 13. Mai 2022

How will climate change change our ecosystem, how will the Baltic Sea change and what can we do? These are questions that were discussed during the “Kjütenschnack” that took place in May 2022 in Rostock, Germany. As part of the “Kjütenschnack” (Cabin chit chat) organized by the “Ostseezeitung”, the current state of knowledge on the subject of climate change in the Baltic Sea region was communicated to a broad public. Results from the DAM Project Coastal Futures were incorporated.

Contact: matthias.groeger [@] io-warnemuende.de

Impacts of Offshore Windfarms on Seabirds


Prof. S. Garthe (FTZ, CAU) gave a presentation during the Marine Environment Symposium 2022, which took place on May 18th and 19th, 2022, in Hamburg, Germany, regarding the impact of offshore wind energy expansion on seabirds. In this presentation, results from the CoastalFutures project were showcased. The talk was part of the session "Offshore Wind Energy – Balancing Climate Protection and Biodiversity Conservation" and was moderated by Nico Nolte (BSH).

Contact: garthe [@] ftz-west.uni-kiel.de
Meeresumwelt-Symposium 2022

Hereon-IOW NEMO meeting towards a coupled modeling strategy within CoastalFutures

The Hereon-IOW NEMO meeting was held on May 11, 2022, as part of the CoastalFutures project. Hereon presented their plans for NEMO developments and their work to update the ocean component to NEMO 4.2. IOW offered to contribute to the model improvement and calibration of parameterizations and evaluation of the new NEMO 4.2 version. Both IOW and Hereon will perform production runs for WP6 of CoastalFutures with existing regional climate models. The group will also develop a coupled modeling strategy within CoastalFutures, including the NEMO setup, in regular online meetings during 2022. A future meeting date was planned between mid-June and the end of September.


matthias.groeger [ @] io-warnemuende. de, Sebastian.Grayek [ @ ] hereon. de

BSH and CoastalFutures project exchange ideas on expanding renewable energies in the marine environment

On May 6, 2022, a three-hour online workshop was held with BSH staff and scientists from the CoastalFutures project.

The objective of the workshop was to discuss the impacts of offshore wind farms in work package 3 of the project with the BSH, as well as current policy developments on the expansion of renewable energy in the marine space.

In addition, participants exchanged data and information needed for modeling different scenarios to develop sustainable solutions for disputed marine areas. The overall goal of the workshop was to foster collaboration and data sharing between the project and various BSH units and individuals.

The workshop was moderated by Andreas Kannen, supported by Jürgen Schaper and Anita Gilles, and the outcome was recorded by Johanna Löhr. Overall, the workshop was a successful step towards establishing collaboration and data exchange between project staff and BSH for the development of sustainable solutions for disputed marine areas.

Contact: Andreas. Kannen [ @ ] hereon. de

Public presentation of a CostalFutures young scientist at the KüNo Spring School Workshop 2022


Presentation of the process to predict the current distribution of the harbour porpoise in the North Sea and Baltic Sea, with a practical application on the predictions of harbour porpoise abundances in the Baltic Sea during the MiniSCANS-II survey (summer 2020). The human activities will be integrated (maritime traffic, offshore windfarms, fisheries) in combination to scenarios of future environments to predict the suitability of the habitats for the harbour porpoise during the next decades in these two regions. Uncertainties and reliability of the predictions will be assessed to support the results by estimating the empirical support to these predictions as well as their model-dependence.

Contact: Remi.Pigeault [@] tiho-hannover.de

24.04.2022 Prof. Dr. Corinna Schrum nahm am Parlamentarischen Abend der Deutschen Allianz für Meeresforschung teil.

BfN and CoastalFutures project jointly for the protection and sustainable use of coastal and marine areas


The German Federal Agency for Nature Conservation (BfN) and the CoastalFutures project held a joint workshop on scenario development on February 18, 2022. The workshop, held as a virtual event, aimed to discuss opportunities and challenges in developing scenarios for the protection and sustainable use of coastal and marine areas.

The participants of the workshop, discussed the importance of scenarios for decision making and the need to develop different future scenarios to better understand the potential impacts of decisions on the coastal and marine environment. Another important theme of the workshop was collaboration between scientists and decision makers in scenario development.

The workshop was an important step in the collaboration between the CoastalFutures project and BfN and helped to raise awareness of the importance of scenarios for the protection and sustainable use of coastal and marine areas. The results of the workshop will feed into the further work of the CoastalFutures project and BfN

Contact: Corinna.schrum [ @ ] hereon. de

CoastalFuture scientist participated to the sustainMARE kick off that took place online

CoastalFutures Project - official launch of the collaboration

In January 2022, the online kick-off meeting of the CoastalFutures project took place. The meeting was an important milestone for the project as it marked the official start of the collaboration between the project stakeholders.

During the meeting, the goals and challenges of the project were discussed, as well as the role of each project stakeholder and what was expected of them. Topics such as networking and collaboration with other projects and the importance of interdisciplinarity in developing sustainable solutions for coastal areas were also addressed.

Overall, the kick-off meeting was a successful start for the CoastalFutures project and provided an opportunity for project stakeholders to begin their collaboration and work together to research and develop sustainable solutions for coastal areas.

Contact: Corinna.schrum [ @ ] hereon. de