Coastal Futures in the Media (2023)


The expansion of offshore wind energy, its consequences and ocean modeling

"In order to achieve the energy transition, the expansion of offshore wind farms is necessary. But there is rarely any talk about what this expansion means for our oceans. One thing is clear, it will not leave our seas unscathed, says Prof. Dr. Corinna Schrum, who is director of the Institute for Coastal Systems and the Institute for Coastal Dynamics at the Helmholtz Center Hereon in Geesthacht as well as a professor at the University of Hamburg and models the future of the seas.

Local wind fields will change, currents will slow down, thus the seas will be less mixed, thus more sediments will accumulate, possibly there could be an oxygen deficit in summer in some regions.

The expansion of offshore wind farms is a big challenge for her and her colleagues."
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Coastal Futures: “North Sea and the world's largest wind power plant - effects and opportunities”

Prof. C. Schrum, Head of the Institute for Coastal Systems at the Helmholtz-Zentrum Hereon in Geesthacht near Hamburg and Coordinator of the CoastalFutures project, provides insights into the massive changes that the sea and life in these areas are experiencing in the article published in Welt am Sonntag on 08.07.2023, titled "A Sea Stirred Up: According to the desires of the coastal states, the largest offshore wind farm in the world is planned in the North Sea." She discusses the effects and opportunities associated with the proposed offshore wind farm.

Contact: corinna.schrum [@] hereon.de

CoastalFutures in the media - "Impacts of Sea Level Rise" - ARTE

Prof. T. Schlurmann, Managing Director and Professor Ludwig-Franzius-Institute for Hydraulic, Estuarine and Coastal Engineering at the Leibniz Universität Hannover and WP Leader of the CoastalFutures Projects, was interviews in the context of the ARTE TV-documentary on the "Impacts of Sea Level Rise" that was broadcasted Jun 25th. He provides insight on sediment management and thus in the context of Climate Change and Sea level rise.

Contact: schlurmann [@] lufi.uni-hannover.de Link to the ARTE TV report

CoastalFutures in the media - "Seals are counted from the air" - Frankfurter Rundschau

In Lower Saxony, the seal population has been systematically recorded since 1958. "This is a unique data set," says wildlife specialist Ursula Siebert from the University of Veterinary Medicine Hanover, who incorporates these data sets and the determination of the seal population as part of the CoastalFuture project. This population could be seen as an indicator of the quality of the Wadden Sea habitat. (12.06.2023)

Contact: anita.gilles [@] tiho-hannover. de Link to the article

Dr. Tobias Schaffeld talked the WDR/ARD children's programme "neuneinhalb" about marine noise

Dr. Tobias Schaffeld, Research associate at ITAW and project scientist in CoastalFutures, informed the WDR/ARD children's programme "neuneinhalb" about the seal tagging being carried out in CoastalFutures to assess the impact of underwater noise on marine mammals. (10.06.2023)

Contact: anita.gilles [@] tiho-hannover. de

Link to the WDR report (on you tube)

Coastal Futures in the media - "Germany's Whales in Great Peril" - Die Welt

Dr. Anita Gilles, Scientific Associate at ITAW and Work Package Leader in CoastalFutures, gave an interview regarding the knowledge about harbor porpoises and their situation in the coastal areas of the North Sea. (08.06.2023)

Contact: anita.gilles [@] tiho-hannover. de

Link to the article in "Die Welt"

Coastal Futures in the Media (NDR): Offshore wind farms & seabirds

An interview with Prof. Dr. S. Garthe titled "Kiel Study Shows: Offshore wind farms displace seabirds" provides insights into the CoastalFutures project and how the problem could be addressed. Link to the NDR report

Prof S. Garthe at the NDR-Info TV documentary


Screenshot of the NDR-Info broadcast from 13.04.2023

Prof. S Garthe describes at the NDR info TV documentary the impact of offshore wind farms on birds, a topic that is being investigated in the framework of the CoastalFutures project.

Contact: garthe [@] ftz-west.uni-kiel.de Read more here (start from minute 3:12):

Prof. T. Schlurmann as a guest on VDI podcast "Technik aufs Ohr".

In issue #135 of 3/29/2013, the main topic was adaptation to climate change, in particular the consequences of sea level rise.

The contents of the discussion with Prof. T. Schlurmann and the VDI editors reflect very well the objectives of CoastalFutures as a whole.

Contact: schlurmann [@] lufi.uni-hannover.de Read more here on the VDI site (Verein Deutscher Ingenieure e.V.)

Coastal Futures in the Media (2022)


Hereon Study on the Large-Scale Effects of Offshore Wind Farms in the Media

Dr. Ute Daewel gives multiple interviews on the results of her study on offshore wind farms and their large-scale effects on the marine ecosystem, particularly nutrient distribution.

Contact: ute.daewel [@] hereon.de

Interview: "taz" "The Fishing Daily" MDR.de

Manager Magazin: Interview with Prof. Schrum

An interview with Prof. Dr. C. Schrum titled "Green Hydrogen Production at Sea":
"We must avoid extensive damages caused by the energy transition," says Ms. Schrum, providing insights into the CoastalFutures project.

Contact: corinna.schrum [@] hereon.de
Interview in the "Manager Magazin"

CoastalFutures in the German Media “Die Welt”

An interview with Prof. C. Schrum:
"Offshore Wind Farms Will Change the Environment" Interview in "Die Welt"