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The future of the coast is characterised on the one hand by the consequences of climate change and on the other hand by a dramatic increase in the use of coastal space. As a consequence of climate change, nature-friendly coastal protection must be constantly expanded.
As marine ecosystems provide many vital ecosystem services that are crucial for the function of the marine environment, but also as a service to society, different approaches should be used to mitigate climate change.
For a sustainable blue planet, it is important to combine the continued use of marine ecosystem services with effective protection of marine habitat and biota. In this context, climate change is a particular challenge that needs to be taken into account.

How CoastalFutures is meeting this challenge

The project develops innovative modelling tools to investigate future use scenarios and the impacts of climate change.
• Develop holistic modelling methods to support the management and assessment of climate change impacts as well as use and protection measures.
• Development and assessment of future scenarios and protection measures in cooperation with authorities and stakeholders.
• Transdisciplinary project with the aim of developing a common understanding of the impacts of climate change

Project in numbers

• Ten partners and five associated partners
• Over 70 participating scientists
• Over 5 million euros funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research
• Duration 01.12.2021 - 30.11.2024 (Phase 1)